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Sam Frazier (72dpi) Born to a moviemaking lay family, Sam Frazier, Jr. began his film career as a submission screener and venue manager for the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. His sphere of global influence and power soon ballooned as he was accepted as a reviewer for Film Threat. His taste for mediocre films piqued by this experience, Sam decided to join these huddled masses in making his own short films—many of which have made the festival circuit. Disillusioned by lack of job offers from A-list celebrities and producers, Sam effectively retired from the industry in 2006—making only enough movie to get him into festivals where he had connections and in the attempt to meet members of the opposite sex. Sam’s current film, “The Ghost Pepper Eating Contest of Jefferson County” marks his 3rd movie in his possible return to filmmaking.




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“Sam Frazier, Jr. sees the world through his own lens”