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shapeimage_3Filmmaker’s Statement

PLEASE, PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE WITH A GROUP!! Comedy, unlike say, pornography, is always best appreciated with company and not alone. So grab some friends, co-workers, family, frenemies, whomever. I guaranty you that if you put them in front of this movie there will be laughter. Hell, I’ll even personally pay you an extra submission fee if it fails to do so. Know any other filmmakers who are going to offer you that?

Production Notes

The inspiration for the event that became this movie belongs to Justin Roth, who saw similar competitions when as a child visiting his uncle in Springfield, Ill. However, it took a woman (and Justin’s wife no less), Kelly, to actually get off her ass make the race happen. On a personal note, this was her birthday present to her husband. Well done!!

The cardboard boat race will take place again this springtime. All are welcome to participate!!!

Other Info